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1. Privacy policy

You can visit www.baseltattoo.ch, www.christmas-tattoo.ch, www.charivari.ch and partner websites provided by Basel Tattoo Productions GmbH as well as our mobile applications (hereinafter "websites") and find out about the events on offer without that you disclose data to us that determine your identity or make it determinable for us (hereinafter "personal data"). We only collect personal data where this is essential for the use of our services. Basel Tattoo Productions GmbH treats personal data confidentially, carefully and for a specific purpose. We adhere to the relevant legal requirements and the following principles. By entering your personal data and using our services, you accept that we will process your personal data according to these principles.

2. Collection and use of personal data

It is our own claim with regard to your security and the protection of your data to ask as little personal data as possible from you and to manage the necessary information as securely as possible. You provide some personal data when you register at www.baseltattoo.ch. This includes, for example, your full name and your email address. For the processing of ticket orders, further information is required, e.g. the delivery address and / or your mobile phone number, your preferred method of payment and, if applicable, your bank or credit card details. We collect, store, process and use your personal data for the purpose of providing our own services, for selling tickets and for delivering marketing information and only to the extent necessary. We only keep your personal data to the extent and for as long as we are legally obliged to do so.

3. Data security and data integrity

We take appropriate organizational and technical measures to protect personal data from manipulation, loss, destruction or unauthorized processing. Access is only permitted to specially authorized persons who are involved in looking after our servers. The servers are protected against unauthorized access with extensive security measures. Basel Tattoo Productions GmbH uses the SSL security process to process transactions. SSL supports secure transport between a web browser and a web server. We are continuously improving our security measures in line with technical developments. However, Ticketcorner assumes no liability for damage as a result of loss of data or access to and processing of personal data by unauthorized persons.

4. Cookies

Basel Tattoo Productions GmbH uses so-called cookies to simplify the use of the services and to receive information in order to improve the services. Cookies are small text files that the browser stores in a specific directory in the user's system. Both permanent cookies and session cookies are used. Permanent cookies enable, for example, the automatic login of the user if he expressly requests this when logging in. Session cookies, for example, store the events clicked on by the user in order to make it easier to find such information later. By configuring your browser accordingly, you have the option at any time to generally prevent the acceptance of cookies or to have a warning displayed each time before accepting a cookie and thus determine yourself whether you accept the cookie in question or not. In principle, you can also use our services without accepting cookies. However, the use of individual functionalities on our websites may be restricted if cookies are deactivated.

5. Social plugins

Our websites use social plugins (hereinafter "plugins") from various social networks such as Facebook and Twitter (hereinafter "networks"). The plugins are marked with a logo or a text note. When you visit a page on our website that contains such a plugin, your browser establishes a direct connection to the network's servers. The content of the plug-in is transmitted directly from the networks to your browser, which integrates it into the website. By integrating the plugins, the networks receive the information that you have accessed the corresponding page on our website. If you are logged in to one of the networks, it is possible that the networks assign the visit to your account on the corresponding network. If you interact with the plugins, the corresponding information is transmitted directly from your browser to the networks and stored there. The purpose and scope of the data collection and the further processing and use of the data by the networks as well as your related rights and setting options to protect your privacy can be found in the data protection provisions of the respective networks. If you do not want the networks to collect data about you via our websites, you must log out of the networks before visiting our websites. Even if you are not logged on to a network, websites with active network elements send data to the networks. The networks can set a cookie with an identifier each time the website is accessed, which can be valid for a longer period of time. Since your browser sends this cookie with every connection to a network without being asked, the corresponding network could use it to create a profile of which websites the user belonging to the identifier has accessed. It would then also be possible to assign this identifier to a person again when logging on to the networks later.

6. web analytics services

We use web analysis services (list below) to evaluate the use of our websites, to obtain information for the purpose of improving our services and to control advertisements. The web analysis services usually use cookies. The information generated in this way can be transferred to a server abroad and stored there. Users have the right to prevent future recording of measurement data at any time by using the option to object (opt-out) on the websites of the respective providers (see links below). Basel Tattoo Productions uses the following web analysis services: Google: http://www.google.com/settings/ads

7. Note:

The objection (opt-out) takes place in each case by means of a cookie. If this cookie is deleted, a new objection is required.

8. Passing on your data to third parties

Basel Tattoo Productions GmbH does not transmit any personal data to third parties, except if necessary to a collection agency. Basel Tattoo Productions GmbH ensures that these third parties only process personal data as Basel Tattoo Productions GmbH is allowed to do itself. Subject to official or court orders, Basel Tattoo Productions GmbH does not pass on personal data to third parties other than those named in these data protection provisions.

9. Transfer abroad

Basel Tattoo Productions GmbH and third parties involved also process personal data abroad for the purposes stated in these data protection provisions. However, personal data will only be disclosed abroad if and to the extent that the country concerned has data protection that is equivalent to that in Switzerland.

10. marketing

You can declare that you do not want advertising. If you decide not to receive advertising until later, you can report this to the relevant contact point. The personal data received in connection with the ticket purchase will also be used to inform you in the future if the same or similar events as those for which you have already purchased tickets take place. You have the option at any time to adapt the areas of interest for such info mails or to unsubscribe from receiving such info mails free of charge via a link.

11. Information

You have the right to request information free of charge as to whether and which personal data Basel Tattoo Productions GmbH stores about you (Art. 8 DSG). In addition, with regard to your personal data, you can request that Basel Tattoo Productions GmbH corrects incorrect personal data (Art. 5 Para. 2 DSG). Please send the corresponding request in writing, enclosing a copy of an official ID, to: Basel Tattoo Productions GmbH, Glockengasse 4 , CH-4001 Basel.

12. Changes to these data protection regulations

Basel Tattoo Productions GmbH reserves the right to change these data protection provisions at any time. Changes will be published on the Ticketcorner website and will take effect when they are activated. 13. Contact If you have any questions about these data protection provisions or data protection at Basel Tattoo Productions GmbH, please contact us.

13. Contact
If you have any questions about these data protection provisions or data protection at Basel Tattoo Productions GmbH, please contact us.

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