The Basel Tattoo Club

An emotional story with many benefits

The Basel Tattoo Club was founded as an independent association in 2006. The club now has around 2 members and is chaired by Philipp Hägeli. We are proud to be able to count on such a broadly supported group of supporters. The annual membership fees are used, among other things, for the production of the Basel Tattoo. Well-known formations have already been brought to Basel thanks to the club's commitment.

The Basel Tattoo Club is not just an emotional connection to the Basel Tattoo. As a club member, with an annual fee of CHF 60 (partner membership 120) you can also enjoy many benefits related to the event:

The Club subscription with guaranteed seats and an extended reservation period
Based on your current ticket order, the same seats will be automatically reserved for you in the same performance for the next Basel Tattoo. So you don't have to worry about your tickets for the coming year.

Extended reservation period.

  • Your reservation will be valid until March 31 of the next year
  • Should you wish to change your ticket reservation, you can of course do so at any time by phone +41 61 266 10 00 or by email tell
  • You will receive the invoice in March of next year. Only then do you have to decide whether you want to take your tickets or not

Additional Services:

  • Reduced ticket prices, club members benefit from reduced prices (see table)

  • Club subscription with guaranteed seats: every year we automatically reserve the same seats for you for the next tattoo. 

  • Extended reservation period: Your reservation will last until March 31 of the next year. Only then do you have to decide whether you definitely want to book the tickets

  • Ticket pre-emption right before the official start of sales

  • No processing fee: We waive the processing fee for a ticket order

  • Annual club gift

  • Separate club entrance to the arena

  • Program magazine for free

  • Seat cushion: You will receive a seat cushion with every ticket.

  • Backstage tours with a look behind the scenes of the Basel Tattoo

  • Regular first-hand information about the Basel Tattoo

  • Club occasions

  • 20% discount on Tattoo Street vouchers

  • Member referral bonus

  • 10% discount on Basel Tattoo fan articles in the Basel Tattoo Shop

  • Annual invitation to the club general assembly

You too can become a member of this emotional environment. We are happy to advise you personally. Call us on +41 61 266 1000.

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Basel tattoo shop
Glockengasse 4
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Club registration

Club price list Basel Tattoo

The prices for the "Basel Tattoo" correspond to the prices for the evening performance at the barracks.

Evening performances

  • Skybox
    Instead of 450.00
  • Category VIP
    Instead of 160.00
  • Category 1
    Instead of 119.00
  • Category 2
    Instead of 109.00
  • Category 3
    Instead of 99.00
  • Category 4
    Instead of 69.00
  • Category 5
    Instead of 49.00

Early performances (17.30 p.m., Basel barracks)

  • Skybox
    Instead of 190.00
  • Category VIP
    Instead of 140.00
  • Category 1
    Instead of 89.00
  • Category 2
    Instead of 84.00
  • Category 3
    Instead of 79.00
  • Category 4
    Instead of 59.00
  • Category 5
    Instead of 39.00

Car entrepreneurs and resellers

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