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Published: 26th Aug, 2020

In the middle of Binningen, at the gates of Basel, a very special world extends over an area of ​​around 600m2. It's a toy paradise, not just for children. We're talking about the LEGO® Museum. We were there and discovered amazing things.

This small but fine LEGO exhibition is run by Christian Velhagen with a lot of love and even more passion. The founder and LEGO fan welcomed us to his premises and enthusiastically reported to us about the idea and the creation of the museum as well as the many Lego projects. Real works of art are on display. From the backdrop in Miami Beach to the Tower in London, there are countless sights and well-known buildings to be seen. So is the Basel Tattoo Arena.

Hear in the video how the LEGO project with the Basel Tattoo Arena came about and see how lovingly and faithfully it was recreated.

The Basel Tattoo Arena can be admired all year round in the LEGO Museum in Binningen. Anyone who is in the mood for an even more tattoo atmosphere is warmly welcome in the St. Jakobshalle from November 20th to 28th, when it's “Save the Basel Tattoo”.

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